A 2-3 day workshop that introduces students to entrepreneurship by starting their own business


    Generate real solutions to problems that need to be solved


    Find a team that shares a vision to bring an

    idea into the world


    Receive feedback from esteemed mentors in your local community


    Create a "Minimum Viable Product" to show the world what you are creating


    Pitch your business idea in front of a panel of entrepreneurs and investors


    How many students ideally participate?


    Who can participate?

    Anyone! There are no prerequisites to participate. Allow members of the community and/or just students from your institution.

    Do we have to teach?

    Nope! We come in to facilitate the program. All we need is for you to lead recruitment and organize logistics. We will work with you to feel as prepared as possible when planning the program.

    How old do you need to be to participate in the Startup Marathon?

    We deliver this program for junior high students, high school students, university-aged students, and adults. The curriculum is modified and customized based on your students' competencies.

    How much does the program cost?

    We do our best to work with your budget. We do this so you don't have to charge students to participate; we do not want finances to be the reason they cannot participate.

    Is the program in-person or virtual?

    Either! Although we prefer the in-person experience, we understand the need to deliver a virtual experience under certain circumstances.