We are a team of entrepreneurs, striving to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs

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    Founder & Lead Facilitator

    Having worked with 1700+ aspiring entrepreneurs across seven different countries, Nick knows that the power of entrepreneurship can unlock individuals.


    Nick's energizing and infectious facilitation techniques have been utilized in workshops with over 50 universities, eight U.S. Embassies and the U.S. Department of State, the U.S Air Force corporations, and international study programs to help more aspiring entrepreneurs bring their innovations into the world.


    He is typically found elsewhere exercising, screenwriting, booking a flight somewhere, or listening to audiobooks.

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    Head of Design

    Abby believes that any product, service, or brand needs impeccable design to be successful; especially for early-stage companies trying to enter competitive markets.


    She runs her own design and social media consulting company, having worked with numerous startups, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs. She works with a firm advising small, medium, and large enterprises on how to utilize smart collaboration methodologies to drive marketing collaboration


    She is an environmental and climate advocate who loves yoga, fashion, The Beatles, and exploring nature.

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    Head of Partnerships

    Justin is a people person. He establishes a foundation of trust and confidence in any relationship and strives to understand his partner's needs.


    By day, he equips startup founders with a toolkit of resources, mentors, and community members to accelerate their businesses. By night, he is listening to records and playing with his cat, Tuna.


    Go to any music festival, thrift store, or new restaurant and you're bound to find Justin there.

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    Head of Program Development & Facilitator

    Aidan is an expert in innovation workshop design & execution. He has a proven track record of curating immersive and impactful experiences for the world's largest companies and using those precious moments of collaboration to help clients move from 0 to 1.


    Aidan combines his corporate innovation experience with a background in Strategic Foresight, Design Thinking, and Agile and the enthusiasm of a wedding singer (no, really).


    When he isn't building programs for TSB, he's on the volleyball court, hiking up a mountain, or figuring out how to beat Nick in Fantasy Football.